We have two types of account, the basic account and the professional account.
The Agrónic APP uses only one type of account, the basic one. While the Agrónic Web has two types of account, the basic and the professional one.

Basic account:

ideal for users who want to work with the basic functions of the equipment: consultation, editing and configuration, through lists or maps.

Professional account:

ideal for users who need to manage a greater volume of irrigation data and sensors, since, in addition to the functions of the basic account, it incorporates more specific features.

If you have sensors at your site, you should use a professional account in order to be able to save your data and create graphics and records.

We are developing more features of which we will inform you as we incorporate them.


The price of a professional account is 20 € /year per controller (taxes not included).

If you choose a professional account, all your controllers will have the features of a professional account.
The account type is linked to the user: a user cannot have a professional account for some controllers and a basic account for others.

What happens if I want to have a professional account for the Agronic Web, but I also want to use the Agronic APP?
If you choose to have a professional account, the Agrónic APP will not have any change, only the Agrónic Web will have an increase in benefits.