Why do you have to register a controller in the cloud?
The Agrónic APP and the Agrónic Web are programs that works through the Internet.
In order to access the data of the controllers, we need to upload their information to the cloud.
Once the controller is registered in the cloud, the information collected by the programmer is transferred through the cloud to the Agrónic APP or the Agrónic Web.

Can the end user of the controller register it in the cloud or must it be purchased through the installer?
The registration of the controllert can be carried out by both the end user and the installer.

How do I register a controller in the cloud?
The only way to do it is through this web app.progres.es.
The form of payment is by card, for other forms of payment, consult.

Once a controller has been registered in the cloud, can the Agrónic APP or Agrónic Web be accessed from different mobiles or computers using the same username and password?

How should the user proceed to renovate the annual fee?
The renewal of the annual fee is automatic. Seven days before it expires, the user will receive an e-mail informing that the charge will be made. If you do not want to renew, you will have to access the "My controllers" section and select "Cancel subscription"