Agrónic Web is the ideal tool for the analysis and optimization of irrigation
and fertilization through the computer browser or tablet.


  • Interactive map, in which you can consult the status of sectors, external modules and sensors, and act on them all.
  • Consultation, editing and configuration of programs, sectors, pivots, external modules, fertilizers, filters, sensors and determining factors.
  • Unlimited registration and history for professional account, or for the last 7 days on basic account.
  • Graphs by sector of the state of the water balance (ET - Applied irrigation - Rain) and available water capacity (soil water content sensors, relativized).
  • Direct manual commands to start or stop, shut down or suspend programs, sectors, determining factors, filters, pivots and controller in general.
  • Warnings via malfunction notifications and important logs.
  • Multi-user management, the main user can create several sub-users to give them different permissions on all their controllers.
  • And soon, data on weather stations and satellites.


Technical requirements:

The Agrónic Web is available for the Agrónic 2500, Agrónic 4000 v3 and Agrónic Bit controllers. More controllers will be added soon.

To use Agrónic Web you must have a controller with the required options, configure it, and register it in the cloud.

Consult the steps to follow to use the Agrónic APP and the Agrónic Web, and prices here: