The application is free to download through "App Store" or "Play Store" searching the words "Progres" or "Agronic App" or by going directly to the QR code.

To be able to enter the application and enjoy it, you will have to register and pay an annual fee. The payment of the first order of one or several fees will take place 30 days after the registration, so you will be able to enjoy the application during this period at no cost.



To order the application, you need to register on the website of Progrés, entering the section entitled to do so at: It can also be done from the mobile phone through the link located on the home screen of the application.

You will first need to create an account. You will be asked to enter your billing and payment details (card number). You will also be prompted for a password, which together with the VAT/ID will allow you log in later in this section of the website, without having to re-enter all the data once again. 

Once you have your own customer account, you can apply for registration in order to manage one or several controllers through the application. You'll need to provide data about the user of the application, which can match the billing details or not. Among the user data that will be requested, you will need to enter the serial number/s of the controller/s you would like to connect, the name of the farm or plot where it is installed and the type of communication available in the controller (Web or PC). It is therefore important, to have this information on hand. You will also be prompted for a password, which in this case will be the one, together with the user VAT/ID, which will allow you to enter the application.

Once the registration has been completed and accepted, the information provided will be validated by Progrés and if everything is correct, you will receive an e-mail confirming the registry. From this moment on, you can enter the application with your VAT/ID and Password.

During the first 30 days, the user will enjoy the application at no cost, because the amount of the first fee will not be charged on the card until 30 days after the order date. During this trial period, if the user decides not to continue using the application, he must notify Progrés ( to proceed with the un-subscription and not to charge the amount of the fee on the card.

This condition is valid only for the first order. In the following ones, the amount will be charged onto the card at the time of purchase.


If you have a programer with:
“Web database option” you do not need this step, the communications are already configured.
“Agrónic PC Program option” you must configure the communications by entering Function / Parameters / PC Communications:

Agrónic 2500 / 5500 / BIT
3. Agrónic APP / Web

Agrónic 4000
User = 3 if it is PC option
Communication type = 3-GPRS socket or 4-Ethernet 
Access level = 0-Total
Activated = YES
Port Series = 1
Connection time = 00:00 to 00:00
TCP Port = 2332
IP (use only for the Ethernet option) =
IP name =

Agrónic 7000
User = 3 if it is PC option
Communication type = GPRS 
Access level = Total
TCP Port = 2332
DNS Name =