Agrónic App is an application for Smartphone that allows real-time management of irrigation and fertilization of farms/ plots/ hydrants where an Agrónic 2500, Agrónic 4000 V3 or Agrónic Bit controller is installed.

The application is resident on the mobile.

Compatible devices: smartphones, tablets, iPad, iPod, etc.

Features offered by the application:

  • Very easy to use, with a user-friendly interface.
  • Permanent connection to the different plots, getting an overview of their status: if they are irrigating, if there is any manual action or malfunction. Actions have an immediate response.
  • To check from each plot its irrigation and sensors status, anomalies of the last seven days, the historical consumption by sector in time and volume, and the average of the sensors for the last seven days.
  • To make direct manual commands to irrigation programs, to sectors or to the plot in general, and to modify programming in terms of starting conditions, irrigation and fertilizer units.
  • View by list or by map. Each plot or plot sector can be shown on the background map when their coordinates are assigned (Google Maps); thus the state of the plots is displayed from a territory vision or showing the sectors as we approach.


Download instruction manual